21 August 2010

Get your pout on ♥

I cannot stand my lips to be any colour other than a nude/pale pink. I have fairly pigmented lips which I really don't like especially since I always accentuate my eyes with taupe/bronze and lashings of mascara. Nude lips work sooo much better with these colours. I used to absolutely adore lipglosses but in recent months I have been experimenting with lipsticks more and I find these suit me better. I also have never managed to find the "perfect can't live without" lipgloss. I find it hard to find lipsticks which suit me and have purchased many lipsticks which I have later found to be too sheer, too dark or simply not suiting to my skintone.

Lipstick - My cannot live without colour - MAC Satin Lipstick in 'Myth'

♥ I cannot explain how much I love this colour. Back in the days of school I used to blot my lips out with concealer/stick foundation because I hated dark lips even back then (it wasn't a good look!). This is a much better alternative. It is a "pale muted peachy-beige" which primes the lips perfectly for a pink/peach lipstick or lipgloss. It can also be worn alone with smokey-eyes although I prefer to mix it with another colour to avoid that washed out look against my olive skin. The only downside to this lipstick is that it can be slightly drying (as can most lipsticks) but I avoid this by ensuring my lips are properly nourished and moisturised before I apply this.

♥ I find applying 'Myth' first helps my lipstick/gloss look truer to the colour it is in the tube. Often when I test lipsticks/glosses on my hand I think I have found the perfect colour but then on my lips the colour looks a lot darker/duller. 'Myth' helps tame the pigmentation of my lips and creates the perfect base for application of lipstick/gloss. I have also tried MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in 'Crème d'Nude' which also works well but is quite sheer and less pigmented than Myth so doesn't cover the lips as well. I want to experiment with 'Crème d'Nude' and lipglosses as I think this could work :)

Lipstick for the daytime - MAC Matte Lipstick in 'Please Me' or MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in 'All Styled Up'

♥ 'Please Me' lipstick is lovely for the daytime although it is a bit "dull" and has cool undertones which do not go well with my skintone. HOWEVER I warm this up by applying 'Myth'then 'Please me' then 'Myth' again. This creates the perfect pink nude which is perfect for daytime and sealing the lips with 'Myth' first stops my lips drying out since the matte formula of 'Please Me' can be quite drying.

♥ This is described as a muted-rosy-tinted pink which is an accurate description - sometimes i wish it was slightly less rose. This is not HG yet...I think there is better out there. But it works well for now....

♥ If I don't wear 'Please Me' I use 'All Styled Up'. Since this is a cremesheen formula, it has a slight sheen to it and isn't as pigmented as 'Please Me'. I think this works somedays and looks awful others...probably due to the slight blue undertones! I dab this on after applying a thin layer of'Myth' to my lips to block out the pigmentation of my lips a little.

♥ This works better if I have a slightly darker eye as it is not as "rosy" or dark/dull as 'Please Me'. I often wear 'All Styled Up' with'Sable' eyeshadow and 'Dainty' blush. This lipstick can also be layered up for more pigmentation and I often do this if I wear it on a night out. Unfortunately this lipstick is Limited Edition although I've heard that 'Gaga' is very similar!

♥ Lipstick for the evening - MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick in 'Saint Germain'

♥ I have tried to find the perfect lipstick/lipgloss for years to go with my smokey-eyes for a night out. This lipstick is clean pastel pink, which worn alone looks like a pretty bright barbie pink colour. I always wear my trusty 'Myth' underneath. This tones is down perfectly and creates such a pretty pink colour which looks stunning with smokey-eyes.

♥ Being an Amplified Creme lipstick, I find this moisturising yet quite highly pigmented which I love. I have worn this without 'Myth' but I find it looks far too "Barbie" on me which doesn't suit my skintone or hair colour. If this looks too "harsh" I wear 'All Styled Up' which I find slightly more wearable as it is not as pigmented as 'Saint Germain'.

♥ Lipgloss - 'Underage' lipglass

♥ I used to wear this lipglass ALL the time when I was younger. I loved it. I used to wear it on its own and go through tubes of the stuff. Now I find it far too opaque/milky/pale looking on it's own. I haven't worn it for ages but then rediscovered it and it looks PERFECT when applied over 'Myth' with 'All Styled Up'. I only apply a small amount and it just adds a nice finish.

♥ My lipglass is quite old and I do find that these lipglasses do go a bit thick and gloopy after a while. This is the only lipgloss I currently wear as I do find lipsticks more wearable...and my boyfriend gets covered in lipstick enough as it is without subjecting him to sticky gloopy lipgloss too often :)

*** TIP: To make sure my lips are well moisturised I use The Body Shop Yes YesTantalising Lip Butter. This can also be used to tone down darker lip colours. It smells and tastes delicious and really does nourish the lips. I use this at bedtime and anytime during the day if my lips feel a bit dry. ***

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