21 August 2010

The base line ♥

Hi everyone...

I want to talk about are the products I use to achieve a "flawless" base. This includes primer, concealer and foundation. I will give an honest, personal opinion of all products rather than a load of product "blurb" :) I have tried so many products in the past and always seem to be on the lookout for the next best thing...but these products work really well for me right now and suit my skin tone and skin type so well...

♥ Primer - GOSH velvet touch foundation primer

♥ I have tried quite a few primers from various brands - namely MAC, L'oreal, Laura Mercier...but none have really made any difference to the application of my foundation, contolled oil or made my make-up last any longer. GOSH primer, however, is amazing. It's £13 which for a drugstore product might be deemed a little steep but you only need the tiniest amount - I really do think this will last me forever! Plus this is pretty cheap in comparison to other primers.

♥ This glides on like a gel and really does create a "velvet" canvas for your make-up. It fills in lines and deep pores in the skin, creating a uniform, matt and silky soft surface. It evens out my skintone and my foundation applies like a dream. I have very oily skin, particulary along the t-zone, but this primer does control oil and certainly makes my make-up last longer. It also prevents my foundation looking cakey. A must have for a perfect airbrushed-look base...

♥ Foundation - MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus

♥ Without a doubt my fave foundation is MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus foundation in shade NC35. It gives amazing coverage and suits my skin, which is pretty oily, perfectly. I always get asked by people (even people serving me in shops?!) what foundation I use because they like the look of my skin and quite a few of my friends now use this too. It costs £19 which is a little steep but so so worth it. I've tried lots of foundations in search of a cheaper alternative and literally none match up to this. I have tried the liquid version - Studio fix fluid - but I didn't get on with this really mainly because I don't really like liquid foundations I think - I hate the thought of product literally slipping off my face which is what happens as my skin is pretty oily. Studio Fix powder also contains Silica which helps to maintain a matte finish by absorbing oils.

♥ I apply this with my Ecotools bamboo foundation brush. I used to apply this with the sponge provided but I think sponges absorb the product so easily and tend to soak up a lot more product than you need. Hence, I was using too much product to ensure it was applied evenly which resulted in a rather "cakey" looking base. Using a foundation brush creates a much lighter, flawless look and prevents the foundation building up and looking too heavy. This foundation brush is amazing - affordable, and earth-friendly as it is made from soft, cruelty-free bristles and from natural & recycled materials. I simply blend the Studio Fix upwards and outwards using the brush and it provides perfect coverage.

♥ I love that Studio Fix combines excellent coverage with ease of application. The one-step application of foundation and powder is much more appealing to me than applying liquid foundation and setting with powder. This foundation feels light on my skin and i feel like my skin can "breathe" - it does not feel clogged up at all. I very rarely use concealer on blemishes as this foundation offers enough coverage as it is so buildable. Using my GOSH primer with this foundation leaves me with a smoth, velevety, flawless, all-matte, medium-full coverage finish. LOVE IT!!

♥ Concealer - MAC Studio Finish Concealer

♥ I use this concealer in shade NC30 mainly for the under eye area. I used to use Benefit Lyin' Eyes but this was expensive considering a tube didn't last that long and it is now being discontinued. So for now, I use this MAC concealer. My Studio Fix powder gives me good enough coverage that I don't really use this concealer anywhere else on my face although I have tried it on blemishes and it does cover well. It retails at £12.50 which, compared to most top brand concealers, is quite reasonable and this little tub actually lasts ages.

♥ I use this pre-foundation because this is the easiest way to ensure it blends in properly. It is lightweight, creamy and very concentrated....without being too thick and obvious. A tiny amount really does provide excellent opaque coverage and conceals skin imperfections and discolourations perfectly. It is also enriched with Vitamin A and Vitamin E which prevents it from drying out the delicate skin around the eye area - it actually feels moisturising without being at all greasy. It also contains Silica which apparently helps to absorb the skin's oils. I apply this with my ring finger rather than a brush as my finger warms up the product allowing really easy application and blending of the product.

So this is how I achieve a hopefully flawless base. Next I'll be talking about my fave bronzer and blushers....

*** TIP: I always apply a light 'Simple' moisturiser after cleansing and toning my face in the morning. Once this has soaked in, I apply my GOSH primer and my eye paint in 'Untitled' (used as an eye primer). Once this has all set, I apply my eyeshadow BEFORE I apply concealer & foundation. This allows me to wipe away any excess eyeshadow that drops down without ruining my base. I then dot my concealer under my eyes...leave for a few seconds to set into my skin...before lightly blending in. ***

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